HEMA Alliance

Become a Member

If you're in a club or a someone who trains solo, HEMAA membership provides benefits to both you and the HEMA community.

Benefits of Membership

Being a HEMA Alliance member doesn't just mean benefits for yourself - you help support important initiatives like the HEMA club finder, event support, and HEMA awareness. 

You membership means that more people get to enjoy historical European martial arts.

  • Exclusive discounts through HEMAA related vendors. (See list of Vendors with Discounts)
  • Discounts on registration when attending HEMA Alliance sponsored or supported events. (See Event Discounts)
  • Run for the HEMAA governing council.
  • Members have voting rights - have your voice heard as we help support the community.
  • Martial arts liability insurance. Helpful if you train solo, but HEMAA members don't count against your club's insurance slots

Starting $50 a year for annual membership (discounts as low as $26 a year for members of HEMAA Affiliates)

Not sure if you're already a member? Check our HEMAA Membership Checker.