HEMA Alliance

Club Affiliation

Get support for your club or school.

Make your club a HEMAA affiliate today.

For non-profit clubs and schools, joining the HEMAA provides your group with insurance, event support, and additional discounts on individual memberships.

Benefits of Affiliation

  • Leverage our insurance for your training sessions and special events
  • Receive event support for costs associated with running a event
  • Discounts on individual memberships for people in your club
  • Use our 501(c)3 non profit status (conditions and requirement apply)

Becoming an affiliate


  • Must have  at least 5 people in the club as HEMAA individual members, OR at least one HEMAA member and pay for a minimum of 5 insurance slots.
  • Must not be a for-profit club (please contact the governing council for exceptions)
  • Not already be a separate non-profit (there are exceptions - please contact the gc for more info)


Is your Club Ready?

How to register as an affiliate

Important Information on Affiliation

  • Affiliates become a part of the 501c3 non-profit and as such must follow the rules of a non-profit. 

Income and Revenue Info

Any income the affiliate draws in technically belongs to the 501c3. The HEMA Alliance allows clubs to keep all money they raise and spend it as they see fit, but they still must follow federal laws in regards to this. 

  • All money raised by an affiliate must be used for the affiliate and can not be for personal gain. 
  • An affiliate could buy lunch for all of its club members, it could not buy the lunch of just the head instructor. 
  • An affiliate can pay for the airfare for an instructor outside of the affiliate coming to teach the affiliate, it could not pay for the airfare of the affiliate’s instructor to go teach somewhere else.
  • An affiliate can pay rental fees on a facility the affiliate uses, it could not pay for the living expenses of its members.
  • An affiliate can buy gear for its membership as a whole, it could not pay for the gear of just one member. 
  • An affiliate can pay for the HEMA Alliance membership of its members, so long as this is offered to everyone in the affiliate.
    • An affiliate for example could say members who pay 3 months in advance get Hema Alliance Membership.
  • There are many other rules; when in doubt, feel free to contact the Governing Council at gc@hemaalliance.com.

The gist: Think about what is being spent. Does it have receipt? Does it benefit the majority of the club? If yes- it’s probably ok. Does it benefit one member or a few members? Does it lack a receipt? If yes- it is probably not ok.

Tax Season for an Affiliate

All money raised by an affiliate must be recorded and reported when the HEMA Alliance asks for it during tax season.

The following must be tracked:

  • Dues (Such as dues the affiliate charges its members or participation fees)
  • Raffles 
  • Sales 

These will be gross totals, not net. Meaning every dollar from dues, raffles and sales must be reported as per Federal Law regarding 501c3 non-profits. At the end of the year the Hema Alliance Governing Council must file taxes on behalf of itself and all of its affiliates. 

Leaving the Alliance

If an affiliate lapses, is suspended, or decides it wants to become its own non-profit, it should contact the HEMA Alliance to ensure they follow all Federal laws in regards to a 501c3.

An affiliate cannot directly transition to a for-profit entity or 'lapse out' of the alliance. This is because the affiliate was exempt from taxes prior. An affiliate can form a separate for-profit entity and purchase gear from the non-profit.

When in doubt, feel free to contact the Governing Council at gc@hemaalliance.com.

Insurance Slots and Maintaining Coverage

An affiliate must purchase the correct number of insurance slots for non-HEMAA members.

  • Slots are sold in groups of 5 for $75.
  • The needed slots is based on the average number of non-members who attend a practice. Not having enough insurance slots may lead to being improperly covered.
  • You can purchase additional slots at hemaa.tidyhq.com

HEMAA Membership Discounts

Affiliates are given HEMA Alliance individual membership discounts.

  • The more members in an affiliate, the less it costs. A yearly membership to the Hema Alliance is $52. An Affiliate with Hema Alliance Members in it only pays $26 per member for the year! 
  • HEMAA Members don't count towards your insurance slots.

Other Considerations

  • Affiliates must be within driving range. This means an entire state and all of its clubs and schools could not claim it was one affiliate. However, three clubs in the same city could. The Hema Alliance reserves the right to make determinations of what is a HEMA Alliance Affiliate and if one or multiple Affiliates are needed.
  • Affiliates when they run practices and events must follow the safety policy, and have at least one HEMAA member on site.
  • An affiliate that does not follow the rules set down by the HEMA Alliance can be suspended and/or disbarred.