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Additional Insured

How to register your AI


Additional Insured Application 

Typically when a HEMAA Affiliate runs an event they will find that a landlord or a business connected to them requires that they be named on our insurance policy as "additional insured".  

Approximate turn around time: 2 weeks

Steps & Requirements

  • Additional Insureds can only cover a commercial property or business, not an individual.

  • AI’s cannot insure a personal property, such as a house or yard.

  • AI’s cannot insure you or a property you own.

  • AI’s can take up to two weeks to complete - there are no rush orders.

Step 1: Purchase an AI license

This grants you the ability to submit AI’s to the GC. It is $10 a year and auto-renews.

  1. Go to https://hemaa.tidyhq.com/member/memberships

  2. Purchase the ‘Additional Insured - Renewing’ membership.

Step 2: Submit the venue information for registration

Use the form below. DO NOT SUBMIT until you have completed step 1.

Step 3: Wait Patiently

Do not email the GC until the 2 week mimimum has completed. The GC will email you the certificate when they receive it.

Submitter's Info
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Submitter's Name
Venue / Business Info
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