Hema Alliance now using tidyclub for membership management

Today the HEMAA announces that we will be using tidyclub to manage our members going forward.

This is a huge step - The Alliance has mostly used duct tape and syrogum to manage our members in the past, and everyone felt the pain. Memberships expire without anyone knowing. Members couldn't pay their dues easily. Zeplins were discussed.

All that changes.

Going forward you'll receive updates from tidyclub as to your membership status, you can set auto-renewal up, and it's easier to buy bulk memberships.

In the future, we'll even be allowing affiliates to connect their own tidyclub accounts to the HEMAA, making management even easier for everyone.

Thanks to everyone for helping us making this happen. Without you, the HEMAA would not exist.

The new hema alliance site!

We all knew it - the HEMAA online experience has not been the best.

This has mostly simply been a case of not having the resources or time to create better options for our members. The website did not work properly on mobile. The way we managed memberships and your data has been difficult at best, for both you *and* us.

Today that changes.

We've now launched a new website, as well as a new way to manage your membership subscriptions to the alliance via tidyclub.com. On our tidyclub platform you will be able to bulk order subscriptions for a discount, update your payment info, and finally...wait for it...have your subscription auto renew.

You can even manage your own club/school via tidyclub, and then sync all your membership data with the alliance as an affiliate!

What about the forums? Well, they'll live on at www.domain.com.

The HEMAA website is meant to be a beach head, as we work towards providing not just better designed websites, but tools to help manage your clubs, your subscriptions to HEMAA, and services. 

Over the next year you will see us improve every nook and cranny of interaction you have with the HEMA Alliance, and we look forward to your feedback. Because this isn't just the HEMAA's website, it's your as well.