Additional Insured Application


Typically when a HEMAA Affiliate runs an event they will find that a landlord or a business connected to them requires that they be named on our insurance policy as "additional insured".  

To register your additional insured, go to 'Additional insured' is listed as a membership type you can register for.

After you purchase the additional insured on tidyhq, you MUST email and inform them of who you are adding as the additional insured. The request will not be fulfilled until you do.

  1. The cost is $40* per additional insured, and renews on Sept 1st. Discounts are not given for those with partial years.
  2. The additional insured must be a "landlord" of some type, whether for an event or a continuing practice or meeting location.
  3. The additional insured may not be some type of martial arts partner group that would otherwise be eligible for coverage as a HEMA Alliance Affiliate.
  4. HEMA Alliance members or Affiliate instructors may not "double-insure" themselves by adding themselves as additional insureds unless they are doing so as the non-resident owners or lessees of a practice location.

We will email you a new liability certificate to show the addition.  This process usually takes less than a week.