HEMA Alliance

Additional Insured

Additional Insured Application


Typically when a HEMAA Affiliate runs an event they will find that a landlord or a business connected to them requires that they be named on our insurance policy as "additional insured".  

Approximate turn around time: 2 weeks

Requirements to receive a certificate:

  • To register your additional insured, go to hemaa.tidyhq.com.
    • 'Additional insured' is listed as a membership type you can register for.
  • You MUST submit the request AT LEAST 2 weeks BEFORE the venue's required date
    • Some venues may require the additional insured certificate days or weeks before the event.
  • After you purchase the certificate, you MUST email gc@hemaalliance.com
    • Subject line of your email - "AI requested"
    • Forward or paste in any requirements that the venue provided to you.
      • If they did not provide any requirements, then please state this.
    • Inform them of who is to be added to the certificate
      • The request will not be fulfilled until you do.
  • The cost is $10* per additional insured, and renews annually. Discounts are not given for those with partial years.
    • If your AI is for a one time event and you wish to avoid renewal, then you can cancel the membership in tidyhq after we have delivered you the certificate.
  • The additional insured must be a "landlord" of some type, whether for an event or a continuing practice or meeting location.
    • Clubs or individual members cannot be listed as an AI on the certificate.
  • The additional insured may not be some type of martial arts partner group that would otherwise be eligible for coverage as a HEMA Alliance Affiliate.

We will email you a new liability certificate to show the addition.