Group Affiliation

Benefits of Club Affiliation

  • Coverage by insurance that the Alliance provides through Francis L. Dean and Associates so long as they follow the procedures and safety policies of the HEMA Alliance.
  • Offer discounts on individual memberships to group members (see additional info)
  • Take advantage of our educational non-profit status. We are a 501(c)3 registered educational non-profit organization. If you would like our EIN, please contact us at

$75 for every 5 slots of insurance. 

What is an Affiliate?

We define an affiliate as  a group that meets regularly.  The group can have more than one location and meet multiple times, but the locations should be within a reasonable driving distance of one another (i.e. an 8 hour drive is not reasonable).

How many slots do we need?

Determine the maximum number of *NON* HEMAA members you have attend practices in your busiest month. Individuals with HEMAA membership do not count towards your needed slots since they are already covered by HEMAA insurance. 

You do not need slots for individual people for particular sessions - if you have purchased 50 slots, as long as any given month doesn't exceed that amount, you are fine.

Note: Slots are for insurance benefits only. For individuals in your group to obtain all the benefits of being a HEMAA member, they must purchase a membership (discounted bulk options available).