HEMA Alliance

Requirements for Application

How does the Application Work?

Application Handling

Once you've submitted your application, with your required materials, it will go through the following stages:


The Curriculum Council may accept an application, reject an application with feedback for re-applying, or make acceptance conditional on specifically requested supplementary material.

At this time, the Curriculum Council will also confirm whether the applicant is sitting for evaluation at an event in person, or if the applicant will be queued for an online evaluation.

As evaluation times will be limited, the Curriculum Council and Certification Boards will first prioritize those applications which are to be conducted in person at an event, as coordinating those times are most constrained. The Curriculum Council cannot guarantee  that an applicant may be able to certify at any requested event, but we will attempt to work with applicant and event staff to coordinate these efforts.

Online evaluations will be prioritized behind in person applications, and will be scheduled at the best possible convenience of the Curriculum Council and applicant.


After a time/event for evaluation has been scheduled, the Curriculum Council will assign an evaluation board to the applicant. That Board may present further requests for information, materials, or other means of clarification; which will be communicated to the applicant through a Curriculum Council representative.


The applicant will be evaluated on the agreed date and time with the board assigned to them by the Curriculum Council, according the the criteria discussed in 'Preparing for your Certification'. The applicant will be scored by the Evaluation Board, and the board will confer regarding whether the applicant has presented skill and knowledge in accordance with the expectations appropriate to be awarded an Instructor Certification.  If the applicant passes, they will be informed and awarded the Certification and informed of their scores in the criteria. In failing, the applicant will be informed of their scores, given recommendations for remediation, and be informed to route further questions or concerns regarding their certification through the Curriculum Council. The Curriculum Council will review the remediation notes as presented by the Evaluation board, and will make themselves available to the applicant for discussing next steps.

Application Fees

The Instructor Certification is available to any member of the HEMA community, not just members of the HEMA Alliance, but membership in the Alliance does confer an applicant benefits in the process of attempting to receive their certification. Members will get evaluation priority, and Evaluation Boards  must be comprised of a majority of HEMA Alliance voting members

The application fee for those who are not HEMA Alliance voting members is $135. There is no fee for HEMA Alliance Members who are in or beyond their 3rd year of membership (after two renewals), or for Lifetime Members. Members in their 2nd year who wish to test may pay a 1/3rd fee of $45. Members in their 1st year who wish to test may pay a 2/3rds fee of $90. (Members who let their membership lapse at any point and then re-join are considered new as of their date of re-joining for the purposes of seniority benefits.  If they have been active in the community in the interim, then at the GC’s discretion they may be able to pay back-dues in order to be considered to have an unbroken membership.)

There is not a separate testing fee. The application fee is the only fee, and is due after the application has been accepted by the Curriculum Council and the applicant confirms their availability for evaluation either online or in person.

Paying the Application Fee
Those who are required to pay the application fee must do so before their evaluation may be scheduled. 

The application is not the evaluation, and should not be a source of great stress to the applicant.  On the other hand, taking your time on the application will help you clarify your goals and prepare for the exam. 

Membership Status

Non-Member $135.00 USD

HEMA Alliance Member in 1st year $90.00 USD

HEMA Alliance Member in 2nd year $45.00 USD