HEMA Alliance

Requirements for Application

How to Apply for Instructor Certification

The application involves:

1.  Questionnaire

2.  Prequalification Video

3.  Curriculum Outline

4.  Proof of Criminal Background Check

5.  Proof of First-Aid Certification

The first 3 requirements should be self-explanatory.  Those with professional sports and martial arts teaching experience will recognize that the background check and first aid requirements are common professional expectations the absence of which would diminish the public value of our Instructor Certification.

Application Handling

The Board may accept an application, reject an application with feedback for re-applying, or make acceptance conditional on specifically requested supplementary material.

As testing times will be limited, especially at the beginning, the Curriculum Council and Certification Boards will first prioritize those applications which are most impressive and overshoot the requirements of the I.C. itself. There are two reasons for this. First, those candidates may be asked to serve on additional Certification Boards and increase our ability to provide testing slots. Second, those candidates will take less time to examine and so will allow more people to take advantage of the service in the first months of its availability.

Application Fees

As the value of the Certification increases with public awareness of it, both inside and outside the HEMA community, it is of advantage to our members to make the Certification available to non-members. Members will get testing priority, and Certification Board members (but not occasional guest examiners) must be HEMA Alliance voting members.

The application fee for those who are not HEMA Alliance voting members is $135. There is no fee for HEMA Alliance Members who are in or beyond their 3rd year of membership (after two renewals), or for Lifetime Members. Members in their 2nd year who wish to test may pay a 1/3rd fee of $45. Members in their 1st year who wish to test may pay a 2/3rds fee of $90. (Members who let their membership lapse at any point and then re-join are considered new as of their date of re-joining for the purposes of seniority benefits.  If they have been active in the community in the interim, then at the GC’s discretion they may be able to pay back-dues in order to be considered to have an unbroken membership.)

There is not a separate testing fee. The application fee is the only fee. If an application is rejected the applicant will get a 2/3rds refund if a non-member, and a full refund if a member. If the Certification Board would like to accept the application but cannot provide a slot on the date chosen by the applicant, the applicant may choose between a full refund and scheduling priority for another date. There will be a full refund if for any reason the Certification Board cannot provide a review after it has been scheduled. There will be no refunds for withdrawn applications, failures to attend scheduled reviews, or failed examinations.

The Application

Those who are required to pay the application fee must do so before submitting the application email.

The application is not the test, and should not be a source of great stress to the applicant.  On the other hand, taking your time on the application will help you clarify your goals and prepare for the exam. 

Membership Status

Non-Member $135.00 USD

HEMA Alliance Member in 1st year $90.00 USD

HEMA Alliance Member in 2nd year $45.00 USD